The systematic medical ignorance


Detainees' conditions in Israeli prisons  

The systematic medical ignorance

The occupation’s systematic method of depriving the detainees of real medical care and the deliberate delay in providing treatment to the sick and injured detainees are among the most important ways and methods of weakening the will and the bodies of detainees.

By monitoring the health status of detainees, it becomes obviuos that the level of health care for them is very poor. Thus, dozens of detainees have been martyred since the beginning of the Israeli occupation of Palestine, and the number of patients has increased.

A case in point is the 94-year-old detainee Naser Abu Hmaid from Ramallah.  He suffered from deterioration in his health, particularly from chest and lung pain, and after a long delay, he was subsequently transferred from Ashkelon Prison to BarzulaiHospital in Israel.

It is worthy to mention that the detainee Naser is imprisoned since 2002 and sentenced to life imprisonment and 50 years. He also has four brothers who are sentenced to life imprisonment. Their house got demolished many times and their mother is prevented from visiting them for many years.


Hunger strike to refuse the measures of jailors

The detainees' confrontation of the punitive measures continues since the "freedom tunnel" act, where the strike of the Islamic Jihad detainees, which lasted for 9 days and included (250), constituted an important phase in the confrontation.

Detainees reached an agreement in 21/10/2021 with the administration of prison to fulfill a number of their demands, such as: stopping the fierce attack against detainees, including the Islamic Jihad detainees, canceling the collective punishments imposed on them since the heroic Operation “Freedom Tunnel”, and returning all the isolated detainees, including the leaders of the organizations to the main sections.

Targeting the Palestinian organizations by the occupation authorities

In continuation of undermining the detainees' organizations and Palestinian human rights organizations, the occupation authorities targeted six of Palestinian civil society organizations, labeling them as terrorist organizations. The six organizations are "Addameer Association, the Union of the agricultural work committees, the International Movement of defending the child, Union of Arab Women's Committees and BisanResearchCenter", which are leading institutions in defending the rights of Palestinians against the violations of the occupation and exposing its crimes against detainees and children.

It is obvious that this matter will expose thousands of Palestinians, including detainees, to further violations after the occupation deducts their allocations from the clearance funds, and especially that two of these institutions are directly concerned with detainees and children affairs in the occupation prisons.

Despite the efforts of these organizations on the international level to refute this decision, it is a subject of closure and prosecution. The danger of this targeting is not limited to the six organizations only, but it is a step for the occupation to pave the way to target the rest of the Palestinian organizations, especially those concerned with the affairs of political detainees. There is no doubt that these organizations are in dire need for popular support and solidarity, in addition to international support, where the success of the occupation in destroying these organization means that Israel is able to silent the voice of the Palestinian civil society.

In conclusion, the partner organizations confirm that the occupation's practices against the Palestinian people violate the International Humanitarian Law, which bans the acts of collective punishments and revengeful acts against people under occupation.

As article (33) of the Fourth Geneva Convention which applies to the occupied Palestinian territory, gives the Palestinian people, as a people living under occupation, the status of protected persons under the international law, and confirms the Palestinian detainees' rights to be recognized as freedom fighters, in addition to their rights to health care, food and education, and the right to enjoy fair trial guarantees, the right to family visits and respecting their dignity.

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