The Israeli Authorities arrested (467) Palestinians on October 2021


The Israeli Authorities arrested (467) Palestinians on October 2021

Detainees' institutions and human rights organizations (the Commission of Detainees and Ex-detainees' Affairs, the Palestinian Society Prisoner's Club, Al Dameer Association for Human Rights and WadiHilweh Information Center) issued a report and pointed out that the number of Palestinian detainees in Israeli prisons is nearly (4650) detainees, including (34) women, (160) children and (500) administrative detainees.

The report shows all policies and procedures that were carried out by the Israeli authorities against Palestinian detainees, in addition to situation and conditions of detainees in Israeli prisons, and the fierce attacks against the institutions of civil society by labeling them as terrorist organizations.


The occupation's policies and measures

The report reviews part of the occupation's policies and violations that accompany the daily arrests in terms of the condition of detention and the violations related to courts guarantees, which breaches the rights of detained guaranteed by the international humanitarian law.


The policy of administrative detention

(106) administrative detention orders have been issued on October 2021, including (49) new orders and (57) renewals, where the Israeli authorities resort to this policy as a method to reveal the charge of detainee, aiming at undermining the detainees' demands and protests related to the fateful rights of the Palestinian people.

In 2015, the Israeli Supreme Court legitimized the order of "freezing" the sentence of administrative detention against detainees on hunger strike. However, specialized organizations considered this decision as a tool to reinforce the policy of administrative detention. This decision does not cancel the administrative detention order. Rather, it represents abdicating the responsibility of the prisons' administration and the Israeli Intelligence on the fate of the detainee, and turning him into an unofficial “detainee” in the hospital, and he remains under the guardianship of the “security” of the hospital instead of the jailors.

A change took place in dealing with this order during October, through what happened when the prosecution refused to freeze the administrative detention of the detainee AlaaA'raj despite of his critical health condition. This refusal is based on the medical report issued by the Israeli hospital, which did not confirm the possibility of death.

Another case in point is the case of KayedFasfous and MiqdadQawasmeh whose hunger strike exceeded 110 days. This change appeared obviously after activating the administrative detention against Fasfous and Qawasmeh after freezing it.

To the date of publication of this report, six detainees are continuing their hunger strike in a protest against their administrative detention, and all of them are facing critical health conditions. These detainees are; KayedFasfous, MiqdadQawasmeh, AlaaA'raj, Hisham Abu Hawash, AyyadHraimi and LuaiAshqar.


Torture and collective punishment during arrests

The occupation authorities use the policy of daily arrests to confront the struggle of Palestinians and to deprive them of their rights and freedom. The range of daily arrests is about (15) cases, accompanied by storming houses and attacks against the detainee and his family.

This is represented in what happened during storming a sit-in in Jerusalem near Alyousifya cemetery, when the occupation forces chased the young men and prevented them from setting in the place. They arrested many young men and released them in few days, but some of them have been charged of throwing stones and obstruct police work.

The majority of detainees were subjected to beat and torture during the process of arrest, such as the 21-year-old detainee Mu'tasemRajabi, who was going to the supermarket and got arrested there.

Rajabi said that he has been beaten on his face and mouth and lost his consciousness, and then he had a bleeding from his mouth and got his teeth broken. He added "the forces gone after beating me and then we got surprised when the forces came back and arrested me without any reason, and transferred me Qishle police center. I was held from 10:00 pm – 2:00 am, and they refused to give me first aid". The police released him under the condition of house arrest for three days.

Besides, other cities in Palestine are subjected to night storming, especially at the city of Jenin, where the six detainees who freed themselves belong to. 


Arrests based on using social media

Arresting Palestinians on the basis of social media posts represents a punitive measure to detain the largest possible number of children, women and youths. A case in point is the 17-year-old Omar Hashlamon from Jerusalem, who has been arrested on the basis of posting on Facebook "I am not sure of being so long in the world, but I hope I've made good memories that last forever". He got summoned after minutes for interrogation, and he got astonished to be interrogated under the suspicion of "planning for terrorist acts". He got prosecuted in the next day and then released.

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